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Avi R

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   Hello OneLouder developers,

    I'm writing to you to offer feedback regarding your changes to the Express News app for Android.

    I had been using the ExpressNews / Handmark news reader ever since back when I had a Palm Centro. The app was excellent in that it would quickly provide me a condensed page of headlines at a glance. It was quick, no nonsense, efficient, and low bandwidth. I had happily kept with it through four phones, my most current being a Galaxy S3.

    However, with the recent changes to the app, it is no longer efficient or pleasant to use. I can no longer skim through headlines at a glance because it is now cluttered by pictures that take up valuable screen space. Now, only two headlines fit on my rather sizable Galaxy S3 screen, and I have to scroll around if I want to see more. I miss being able to see 6 or 7 per page before needing to scroll.

    Worse still, it now also takes my phone much longer to download headline lists because now it has to download all those pictures too.

    I believe it would be helpful if you could build a "Settings" menu whereby users could set the app to not include nor download pictures on the headline pages. I would simply like this app to provide me condensed pages of headlines again. This is why I liked the app, and that's what it's strength was.

    I kindly ask you to please give this app its strength back.

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