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[Feature Request] Support reddit Always-On HTTPS

Pro user of Baconreader here, just wanted to submit a feature request. reddit admins just turned on the ability for users to use always-on HTTPS when browsing reddit. This is great news for privacy-conscious users but unfortunately it appears to break the Baconreader app (v3.8.2, 18535). When you log into Baconreader with your reddit credentials you are just taken back to the main page without being logged in. No error messages are displayed.

Baconreader is the best reddit app I've ever used so I'd really love it if you guys added this feature. Thanks!

Justin W

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Adriel, we hope to have the update coming next week assuming that testing goes well the rest of this week.

With the reddit https setting turned off, the app continues to work exactly as it did for the previous 3 years.  We understand that most want to now use this setting, but nothing's different than from before it was added to the reddit settings and we'll have support for it soon.

Thank you

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