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"This subreddit does not exist" when following opening BR from another app

It's hard to say which app is to blame, and neither appears to have been updated recently, but the scenario is:

1.  Open a picture in 'Reddit in Pictures'

  1. Click on the globe icon to go to the comment thread.

If you open it in Chrome, it takes you to the comment thread

If you open it in BaconReader (I use premium), it loads a pic like this:

... for the exact same link.  I'm not sure where the handoff fails.

James Kingston

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If you go into the reddit in pictures settings and turn off the use mobile interface checkbox it should fix the issue.

When the mobile interface is on, Reddit in Pictures is passing us a URL that looks like this:

We take the URL, and try to ask for a JSON version of it for parsing in BaconReader, so, it becomes: instead of the correct (for BaconReader)

This in turn causes Reddit to throw a 404 Page Not Found error, which gets translated into the error page your seeing.

Our development team are looking at stripping this off in cases where it would cause issues, but for now, turning off the mobile interface option in Reddit in pictures should help.

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