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Make the slices app better, not worse?

Just a thought, but the recent update took away 2 features I had been completely relying on that placed it head and shoulders above the other apps.

1) tapping on a tweet in the last version would open up that tweet and list any tweet to which it was a reply and all tweets made in reply to it. Simple, but sadly no longer working.

2) Open timeline to tweet-mark is failing horribly 8/10 times, throwing me back more than a day sometimes.

The loss of these 2 features made me immediately start looking for a replacement twitter app.

I previously  made 2 improvement suggestions regarding making the app perform a single notification - on my Galaxy Nexus, The most annoying of those has still not been addressed - Slices plays the notify tone 3 times and vibrates 3 times whenever the timeline is updated,

I'd love to know this submission isn't directly routed to dev/null.



Marck (iviarck(

Marck Pearlstone

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