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Slices Desktop Beta feedback

Hi :)

I started using Slices for Desktop just recently and I have little experience with apps/programs and won't have a Smartphone till Dec. So if I'm off mark please don't take offence :))

  1. When sending a Tweet or Direct Message I have to find and copy the address first as there is no predictive text of addresses when you start to type in name of intended recipient as it does with Twitter.

2 When you reply it does not include all the addresses in the reply Tweet so I have to copy over to keep everyone in the conversation.

  1. I can add a photo to the Tweet but when I send the Tweet the photo is not attached. Currently I have to open Twitter to attach and send Tweets with photo's.

  2. When I log in the number of mentions I have is always 20 but there are no new mentions it does not appear to be resetting.

 Hope this helps in some way and happy for you to contact me in need.

Love the app just a few things missing for me to use it 100% at the moment and still having to open Twitter.

Regards Mark




Mark Parry

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