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Mobile UI Thoughts

Hiya, here's what ended up being a hefty load of my thoughts and suggestions relating to Slices' interface.

  • Avatars have a slight tab of some sort in the bottom right corner. I personally find this aesthetically displeasing, because it looks out of place and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. The corner of a photo holder? It might be preferable to stick with the default rounded corners that appears on the Twitter site, or provide the option to switch to such.
  • Avatars also appear to be resized without anti-aliasing. To my understanding smaller avatars actually get generated by Twitter for use in certain places, why not use them?
  • There should be the option to hide video and image thumbnails when viewing a timeline, showing up only when viewing a single tweet.
  • The labels for Slice names under users when editing a slice are white on green. This looks a little strange and made me think I had selected text at odd intervals. Surely it should actually be green on white?
  • Being so used to Tweetdeck, the ability to swipe left or right between the current account's timeline, mentions, and PMs, would be a nice addition. I notice this exists when looking at profiles, but not from the main screen. If not this, swiping right to pull up the menu (that is currently opened by tapping the logo) is an alternative.
  • The background of a profile under "Use Slices As" should highlight when tapped. Further testing shows it does, but it is difficult to see. Green would be more suitable. There is several seconds of pause before the accounts switch, so it's difficult to tell if the tap registered. The top-right menu on the main screen and bottom-right on single tweets similarly have the same pale highlight.
  • "About" and the Slices logo on the main menu both lead to the same screen, which strikes me as redundant. Perhaps have one or the other? I'd recommend keeping "About", as the logo is right against the edge of the screen, whereas other elements are padded a few pixels away.
  • "Open Gaps From" I didn't realise referred to new tweets initially. Perhaps this could be worded differently to avoid confusion?
  • I'm never going to use Facebook, so its appearance in the interface in places is more of a space-filling taunt. If no account has been added to settings, the elements ("Share on Facebook", the "f" icon, etc) should not show up.
  • Related: the ability to hide other UI elements or items in the main menu should they not be intended to be used. They would be active by default. Personal disinterests include; search/explore, lists, bookmarks, Zip It, and Facebook. Zip It does not show up for personal tweets, so the capability ought to be there.


  • Sometimes the Follow/Unfollow/Pending buttons are mis-displayed. It's a little confusing to be told you're following/pending to follow someone you don't recognise. This seems to happen after seeing a profile of someone you -do- follow, though it only periodically fixes itself by viewing others.
  • What does it mean when a refresh is coupled with "1 minute ago..."?

Gee, that went on for a bit. Thanks for your time.


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