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Slices Desktop beta > links on profils & creating new slices


First of all, great app, but after a few minutes of using it here are my first impressions and suggestions :

  1. Profil view

I think you should make links in the profil pages open in a new window (like you do with links in tweets)

also I couldn't find a way from a profil page to add that account to existing slice (or a new one)...


  1. slices

first of all, and I think that it is going to be the biggest hurdle for users, I can"t figure out what's the difference between slices and twitter lists ? I use tweetdeck on a daily basis and don't understand what makes slices better that adding a column of one of my lists to my tweetdack ?

second, I created a new slice and when I tried add accounts from those I follow, only a few of my followings were listed ? why ?

that's all for now...



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