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Some UI stuff

When adding people to a list, what sort order is that? Can we sort on username or name?

When managing a slice, I like the view that shows only who is in it, but it's too hard to remove people from that list. How about swipe left or right to remove them? Holding on them just to get a screen with a checkbox takes too much.

When viewing your timeline, or a slice, you should be able to see what slice the tweeter is in by long clicking, and remove them from the slice, not just zip them.

I spend most of my time weeding out people I don't want have time to read.

It seems impossible to mark all DMs as read to get the "new" count down. If I click on one, the number at the top of the column goes to zero temporarily. But I'm having to actually click on each old one to actually get the count down permanently.

I'm really confused by the birdfeeder icon and its count.

When viewing a person's profile/timeline, I'd like to be able to add them to a slice, not just to a list.

When sitting with it on a feed of my slice, it will periodically jump down to messages I already read, after an auto refresh.

The flowchart like diagram in the menu shows the Timeline including your slices and "Manage Slices". Therefore, I expected the Timeline to only contain my slices. It seems the line should also point to an "unsliced" section if the Timeline includes unsliced messages. I'd rather just see the number of new messages in my slices.   

Using v1.4 on Android 4.01

Mark D. Adams

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Great feedback - Thanks!  

The order people are listed in is the order you started following them (most recent first).  For cases where we know we have the whole list, we should look at providing sort options.

Tapping on the avatar in your timeline should open a 'mini profile' view that shows the slice the person belongs to (if any) and allows you to add them to a slice.

Agree, we need an easy way to mark all DMs as read.  We be coming.

The birdfeeder number should be showing you the number of items in your timeline you have not seen (not scrolled above)

There should be an add to slice button next to the unfollow button in the Profile (Biography tab).  If you are not following them, tapping follow will then add the add to slice button.

Jumping in timeline and slices is an issue that should be fixed in v1.4.  We will keep looking at this.

Unread items by slice is something we are looking at.  

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Give us more skin, like timeline wallpaper! It will give different twitter xperience ;)

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