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Some features I wish to see on Slices desktop

Hey, here are some features that would really make Slices great in my opinion.

  1. Drag and drop users to slices / slices on users (like gmail tags)

1.a. adding/removing users from slices should be more dynamic and 'on-the-go' right now - too complicated. I have to go "manage slices" -> pick a slice -> click add users -> find the user. work work work.

  1. Add a complete list into Slice.
  2. the option to add users that I do not follow to a slices (i.e. I wish to follow NEWS reporting accounts fro a "news" slice, without following them or viewing them on my timeline all the time)

  3. Twitter Interactions, not only Mentions (retweet, favorite, followers & listing in addition to replies.)

  4. on tweet hover, Favorite and RT buttons are yellow and green, I wish the would be gray until I hit fav/rt (yeah, i know there's that thin yellow line on the left, but old habits die hard, and scrolling the feed makes me feel like I fav'ed them all )

6. Custom colors for slices.

  1. I need the option to DM users right from my timeline. going to Messages -> compose new -> and typing the user name is too complicated and . I wish there was a DM option in the bottom menu on the tweet (with reply/fav/rt) .

  2. less dropdown / popup menus Please :)

  3. please make it easier to click on links. i.e., the "9 New Tweets" on top of the feed - why to i have to click on the exact words if the entire top block is empty? same goes for "following" and "followers" links on user profile - the title is linked, the number isn't. 

I really slices can be a solutions to most of twitter disadvantages, and already using is as much as I can.



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Great feedback -- Most of these will be addressed in updates coming soon.  

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