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I was expecting to see some kind of "tagging"  so that I can check that my following "@123" is in the correct slice.

I can't seem to find where I could access the list of all my feeds to organize them in my slices, I've only found how to see what feeds are in which slice, when I'd like to check and do the reverse thing.

How do I do that?

And I see how I can delete a bookmark, but how I create one is unclear...

Anyway, I like the design, and the idea of "organizing" twitter feeds is really a life saviour to me!


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Tap pencil icon next to 'TIMELINE SLICES' in left pane.  This will allow you to view the definition of your slices, add/remove people to/from slices, create new slices, etc.

From the profile of any user or list, there is an option to add to bookmarks.  It is in the dropdown to the right of the follow/subscribe buttons.

You can also bookmark searches using the dropdown when viewing search results.

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