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Customizable Favorites Section

Fully customizable Favorites section that includes:

  1. Categories: Tabs/Pages/Indexes/what-have-you with Main page for quick access to    the channel(s) we (the user) feel we would like to see first.
  2. Ability to create, name, delete, move, and all together customize unlimited Categories.
  3. Ability for Categories to hold as many or few channels as individual prefers.
  4. Ability to “Bookmark” Channels for future reference or decision.
  5. Ability to categorize “Bookmark(s)”.
  6. Whatever other customization capabilities possible.

Would all be great!  Easy access and better ability to find and read the channels we would like, when we would like without missing it or forgetting about it because it’s lost in a long list of others.  More time reading, less time trying to find/figure out what to read is always as plus.



Heather Walton

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