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Language and Mute

First, I wanted to say this app rocks... great job with it. I really enjoyed playing around with it.


I have created a few channels and have come across two things that I think would be great additions/tweaks. As a producer it would be very handy to have an option to select the primary language. I believe that it would be best placed in the "Add Sources" section to further define the search parameters for the channel I am creating. I like to read an English language news blog from Germany... I would like to see only English language web information about that blog. Or in the case of Gizmodo, there is a large following for this tech blog in the orient. I'd like to be able to cull out any non-English web, tweet, etc about Giz.


Okay, taking off my producer hat and putting on my reader/user hat... as a user  I'd love to have a mute button for a channel. What I mean is this; I open my NFL channel and something has happened and the twitter is going nuts over something I don't give a rats-ass about. It would be great to have a "mute feed" selection on that top bar, by the star might work, so that I can turn off twitter feeds to this channel. This might also be useful to lower bandwidth if I could mute pictures. Simply, a mute feed option (on the fly) would be a great way to give the reader more control over the content he/she wants to read.


Again, great app and thanks for letting me beta.

AGH - AKA Luddie

Glenn Harvey

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