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Can`t view multiple lists or add/remove to lists since last update



Since the last update to Tweetcaster pro that added buffer support I have been unable to view multiple lists - when you select the option and then choose the multiple lists by placing tick in the boxes beside each list you want to view, as per usual - only there is no ok/apply or cancel button at the bottom of the lists as before - same goes for adding people or removing people from a list - the lists pop up and you can put the tick in the box beside the list you want to add them to but there is no ok/apply button like there was previously - only way out is to hit the back button which cancels your action.


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sorry - Samsung Gaalxy S2 with Cyanogenmod 9 - Tweetcaster was working fine prior to last update - still is except have to view lists individually and cant add or remove - have to use the laptop for that

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