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Twitter hiccups :(



in the last 7 days I get permantly the "Twitter hiccup" message in Tweetcaster Pro for iPhone (iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1).

Last week I changed my Avatar on Twitter and  cleared the Tweetcaster cache. Since this Day I get the errors if I watch a user profile!

I have deleted Tweetcaster from Twitter (Settings / Apps) and  reinstalled on my phone, nothing changes.

I restored my phone and  configured it as "New iPhone" - It doesn't help.

I changed my Avatar and my bio on Twitter - Nothing!

But I DON'T have this issue with another account! 


I know, my english is not perfect, I'm from germany.  I hope someone can help me, I love this app!



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Hello Ralf,

Thank you for the post.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Just to validate, were you encountering this error message when only clicking to view other's profiles? Please feel free to let us know any specific steps to take to re-create the issue so we can further investigate. I have notified project management on this as well. Look forward to hearing from you. Please also check to make sure, through TweetCaster settings, that you have your number of tweets to load set to 50. If it is set higher, please change it to 50 and let us know if the issue persists.


Matt L. 0 votes

I have found and solved this issue !!!

Some times ago I made an experiment (it was a test for a blog article), I bought 5000 Follower for $5,00 from

Few days later I blocked the fake-users, I think that was too much for Tweetcaster.

Ok, my Steps:

  1. I Set my Tweets to privat (protected)
  2. I used "Twitter Manager" for iPhone from the App Store to see the blocked Follower
  3. I Unblocked this 5000 Users
  4. Desabled privat mode

Now, they follow me no longer and Tweetcaster works without the error message BUT other Apps had no problems with the Blocklist!

R-brinkhaus 0 votes

I also receive the twitter hiccup message everytime I see somebody's profile. Plus TweetCaster crashes sometimes when viewing the profile.

fernando paulsen 0 votes