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Friendcaster Screen Orientation Problem

One of the major malfunctions of the original Facebook app (from Facebook) that was very irritating, when it first came out, was when you type something to upload if you change the screen orientation after typing your post, it all disappeared!! This malfunction was one of the original reasons I was drawn to Friendcaster in the first place. That and also the stupid friend suggestions always at the very top when you opened the app. Highly irritating and it's obvious Facebook doesn't care what the consumer wants. Going back to the issue, now ever since the last update I have noticed that Friendcaster is doing this. Apart from the constant multiple updates during every week with friendcaster, this screen orientation issue is a serious deal breaker for me. Especially that whenever I type on my phone, I always turn my phone sideways so I can type because it's too difficult in the portrait mode. I am positive I'm not the only one with this problem. I just poured out my heart and soul in a recent post and Friendcaster deleted it out when I went back to Portrait mode. Very sad because it took a lot of thought and time to make and I am very upset that it happened just like the official Facebook app did. Hope this gets fixed otherwise I will be going to another app. Very sad. T-Mobile Galaxy S II T989 running ICS with root.

Adam Bradshaw

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Thanks for the report.  I've forwarded it to our development team for investigation.  Can you confirm whether this occurs regardless of post length?  Short posts too, or only long posts?

Sorry for the multiple updates, but multiple API changes have required this.

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