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Tablet - force to use phone UI?

I love Tweetcaster Pro on my phones (Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X - both "HD" devices at 1280x720), in fact it's just about the perfect Twitter app, but I can't stand the UI it forces on my on my Nexus 7 tablet.  It looks very much like an iOS app, and seems to lose a lot of functionality:

1) Timeline, Mentions, Messages icons don't get the unread message count badge in portrait mode.

2) Composing a tweet is cramped and narrow in portrait mode.

3) In portrait mode, the left side-bar columns for the Timeline, Mentions, etc take up way to much screen space, and there's a lot of dead/wasted space at the bottom.  Even on a big HD screen, wasted space is a bad thing.

4) #3 above is made even worse by the second side-bar column (all tweets, photos, etc).  You're giving up almost 25% of the screen space to columns that would be better served up at the top of the screen, at least in portrait mode.  Even in landscape, it's a lot 

5) The gear icon above your account is confusing, that almost always means settings.

6) there's a bug in search, portrait and landscape, search results bring back only the account icon and any attached pic, there is no text in it. I tweeted a screenshot of this earlier today.

7) The gear icon to change your profile settings is confusing...I always hit it first for some reason before realizing I have to go the row of lines icon on the right.  I'm just lame. ;)

It's pretty clear that the HD version of the app is geared towards landscape mode, but a lot of people don't like to hold their tablets that way.

What I'd like to see is an option to force the phone-style UI onto the app while using it on a tablet.  The resolution of an HD phone (which Tweetcaster looks perfect on) is about the same as a tablet, would this be difficult to allow?

Thanks for a great app, and your time reading this.


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Thank you for your detailed feedback for TweetCaster. We appreciate you taking time to notify us on things of this nature. I have personally discussed your suggestions with project management and we do have all of them listed for upgrade discussion and further review. The search issue you were encountering is a listed bug in regards to the Jelly Bean OS and how it interacts with TweetCaster making search data calls to Twitter's API. That will be fixed here very soon. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions, issues, or suggestions, please let us know.

Thanks again,

Matt L. 0 votes

Thanks for the response.  Looks like maybe you guys were busy with Slices; nicely done!

Dave 0 votes

Totally agree with dave. Tablet ui in the nexus 7 doesn't looks good. Seems like a forced UI losing functionality. I think that using phone ui would work much better or crate a new layout for 7 inches devices 

MexDroid Staff 0 votes

nexus 7 was update Android ver4.1 beause service global .the ipad is setup local location. Changing op apes of new version 4.1 on ASUS service@android

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