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tweetcaster is Slow to close images - goto search - goto main screen


I've been using tweetcaster quite a lot and still hoping for a fix to this problem.

After +/- 1 week of use an re-install TC is really slow when closing an image (seriously around 10 seconds)

I've tried emptying the cache, force close, reboot. but nothing solves this. (appart from uninstalling and reinstalling but the problem comes back after a few days / hours)


Is this a know issue ?

I had the problem on galaxy S2 and now again on galaxy S3


What should I do ?

Do you need a screen capture (movie) in order to check this out ?


édit : not only pictures but also to go to the search page ; or even when I wish to go to main screen and swap accounts.


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Thank you for the post. Currently, we do not show this as a listed issue. I have notified project management on this for further investigation. Please let us know the operating system you are running on your Galaxy S3 so we can further test. Also, has this been occurring ever since you downloaded TweetCaster or just recently as in the last 2 months, 2 weeks, etc.?


Matt L. 0 votes


android 4.0.4

but I had the same issue on previous versions on my galaxy S2

I have always (as far as I remember) noticed this problem.

If you explain how I can make a video of this issue I'll show you


Just made a test :

went to main screen, chose my account :

4 seconds screen froze

4 seconds black screen

then shortly TC logo and then timeline



N. 0 votes

I have this exact problem on my VZW S3 (d2vzw).  Running stock firmware 4.0.4 and latest version of tweetcaster.  The lag/delay also occurs when switching twitter accounts.  Really bums me out as I love this app.  Additionally alerts are sporatic.  Sometime I get them right away, sometime I don't get them at until until I check my mentions days later.

Let me know if I can send logs or do anything else to be of assistance.



Billy Hirsch 0 votes

HTC Incredible w/stock Android operating system (Gingerbread).

Closing an image or going from a link back to the app can take anywhere from 3-5 sec and this has been a problem for about 6 months now. Uninstalling and re installing does not help and the longer, by calender days, you use the app the worse the problem becomes. The only thing that I have found to help this issue is to wipe the SD card completely and this is not something that I enjoy nor is it something that should have to be done. 

Saying this is a new or unheard of issue just means that no one has taken the time to complain about it but it does exist. Wiping the image cache has no effect on the issue. App on the phone or moved to the sd card makes no difference either. Somewhere in the system there must be a file that is growing and becoming more and more unmanageable causing the app to slow.

This only gets worse and worse over time.

John O 0 votes

I also suffer from this exact same problem on my rooted Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) - stock Android 4.0.4 - and have been unable to locate what is causing it to happen. Surely it's a cache file somewhere? I love TweetCaster but it's becoming unusable, in fact, I've stopped opening any attachments as it's just too tedious.

Tony Martin 0 votes