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Tweetcaster Tip: how to translate a tweet from another language

Tweetdeck has a menu item to translate a tweet from other languages.  I'm not sure which translation service it uses.  I've often seen it cited that this feature is missing in Tweetcaster in comparisons of the two apps.  I thought I would point out that Tweetcaster doesn't need to implement this because there are other ways to do it on Android.

If you install the Google Translate app, it'll show up as a share target when you choose the Share option on a tweet.  So if you have a tweet in a language you don't know that you want to translate, tap on it, pick Share from the popup menu, then pick Translate as your share destination.  Google Translate will open, and will translate the text that was just shared with it.

I would guess this probably works with other translation apps as well.

Dave Miller

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