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Friendcaster Feature Request: hide comments in News Feed

Hello, first of all let me congratulate with you developers, because this app is great: much faster than original facebook app on my phone/connection.. thumbs up!

Then there is a small feature that I wish it was considered for inclusion: the possibility to hide all the comments in the news feed/ status update. I wish I could see only the news and the number of comments, so that the page is more condensed and so the scrolling is quicker. Then, if I see a news/status that I find interesting, I can tap on it and read the relative comments (in the same page, or in a new one.... I don't know which is the best solution)


Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Luca Clem

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Thanks, Luca.  That sounds like a feature that others might find useful as well.  I will let our development team know (and they often review the boards for enhancements/suggestions).

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