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ChannelCaster Performance

First things first, I personally love this app. I even bought the Pro version I liked it so much and wanted to support OneLouder. What I am dissapointed in is the lack of updates. 


I have built a bunch of channels (the 360 channels in various categories to be more exact) some of which even have a decent amount of subscribers. I can't help but wonder how long they will bother if the performance of the app is similar to my experience. I have a Galaxy S Epic 4G as my phone and a Xoom 4G LTE as a tablet, both devices take forever to update my channels after you refresh. This happens on 3G, 4G and wifi fios connections. It leads to a frustrating experience overall for me and I end up going back to Pulse or something similar. I also get a lot of force closes still with ChannelCaster. I paid money for this app and so badly want this to be the only app of this type I need installed on my device to get the information I want. 

Please tell me this app is being worked on as it has been a while since it has been updated. what I really notice kills the performance on reloads is if it has been a day or two since your last use of any particular channel. 

Richard Bowling

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  1. There is an update coming for Android that is in testing.  Our development team don’t think it will dramatically impact your performance concerns – but the app isn’t dead.
  2. One of our developers has an Epic 4G as his personal device and he said he doesn't see FC issues, but he also said he doesn't often use the app off of WiFi.
  3. If you could let us know your profile name (you can submit it to us at if you don't wish to post it here) our team can take a look at the channels  you are creating and see if there are any problems.
  4. When you say ‘forever to update my channels after you refresh’, do you mean how long it takes to see data when a channel is opened (which auto-refreshes stale channels) or do you mean on a pull to refresh/refresh from menu?  Or do you mean it takes a long time for your channels to update in the catalog?  
  5. Most likely the force close issues are memory related.  If you launch the task manager and find out how much internal memory is available that might be useful info.

You can optimize the performance of  your channels by removing sources that are not returning items you find most interesting.  We limit the number of items returned to 200/channel, so creating channels that return hundreds or thousands of items only makes the update take longer.

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