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FriendCaster stopped accessing Facebook

It started about half an hour ago. I went to read some posts on my wall that FC had alerted me to. I received the "Unfortunately, Friendcaster couldn't get a valid post from Facebook" error. I have never received this error before when accessing my own wall and haven't changed my privacy settings in a way that would deny FC access to my wall.

I also received some red X errors from FC in my notification blind, saying it  had reached its access limit and to try logging out and back in. I logged out and haven't been able to log back in at all since logging out. I enter my email and password correctly, but am simply redirected to the login box.

Other people on Twitter are reporting the same problem, so please look into it.

I love FriendCaster Pro and have enjoyed using it. I would hate to have to switch back to the regular Facebook app due to FC's malfunction.

Silver Fang

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Silver Fang - you'd confirmed in our offline conversation via support ticket that this is working for you now, but I thought I'd go ahead and reply here also in case it's helpful to those browsing the forum.

This appears to have been related to a temporary Facebook API problem.  

Invalid responses from Facebook will crop up when their API slows down or has temporary issues.  Unfortunately we can't give a much more descriptive error message than that in the app since we don't know the specific details of the situation.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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