I want to restore my 1Weather PRO purchase.

If you lose your PRO license after purchasing the app, follow these steps.
-Immediately after purchase, the purchase is not recognized
It can sometimes take a few minutes after purchase, reinstall, or app update for the Play store DRM to run and for Play to recognize that the app has been purchased. If you are still seeing ads after a time, the first thing to do is reboot your device.
If that doesn't make a difference, go into the application manager/manage applications in your device settings and locate the Play app and then clear the cache for Play.
This should force the Play app to re-query its database for purchases.
-The app recognizes the purchase but loses the PRO license after an update etc.
Please select the restore to the Adfree option in the 1Weather menu and click restore.
-You have multiple google accounts linked to your device
If you have multiple Google accounts on your google play, make sure that you are using the same account that you used to purchase 1Weather in the Play store while you download it again. 

If you have further queries, reach out to us at support@onelouder.com
Thank you



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