Why can't I see NSFW content in BaconReader?

Upon first entry you may realize that NSFW content is not accessible and you are unable to view or access NSFW Subreddits

Upon a fresh install BaconReader will default to turning your NSFW off within Settings.

Below is how to access them at this point time and then how to provide a safer experience while you are browsing in public on /r/all for example. If you are new to Reddit all together you will need to change your preferences at Reddit.com to access in the first place (see bullet 5 for that):

  • Press bacon icon on the top left or swipe right to expose the side drawer on the left.
  • Press the Settings (gear) icon
  • Once there you will see the header for Content Filters and you can toggle on Display NSFW Posts
  • Extra, if you want to be able to browse reddit and lesser SFW subreddits, with a Privacy Screen which will cover images and thumbnails from appearing while you are browsing on your device (if you toggle it on)
  • If you are still having issues, you will need to go to your Preferences on Reddit.com and check your preferenceContent options stating whether or not you are over 18 years old and willing to view adult content


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