How do I use the Draw function?

The new BaconReader Draw function lets you draw on pictures or create your own meme before submitting to reddit.

1.  From the Submit a Post window, tap the Photo item and then Draw button on the lower right:


2.  You can just freehand draw here if you'd like.  But in this case we are going to add a photo by selecting the camera lens:


3.  You will be asked whether you want to take a picture, or select one from your gallery:


4.  With the picture in place, you can now do your worst.  

The following tools are available:

In the top bar, you can select from 5 different brush sizes.  

In the middle bar, there is a hand that lets you move and zoom in and out on the picture, a rotate tool, an eraser that erases your brush strokes, and the color picker.

In the bottom bar is the brush selection, add photo, the meme tool (allowing you to add top and bottom text), undo, and delete drawing.

Here we've zoomed in with the hand tool to get a good closeup of the eye and reddened it up a bit with the brush.


5.  If you want to make your drawing into a meme, tap the Meme button. You can then add top and bottom text. (If you need to edit your text, just select this tool again).


6.  With your creation completed to your satisfcation, you can enter a title, select the subreddit and then tap the post (airplane) icon to post to reddit.


7.  Viola!  You're cold kickin' it live. (Does anyone say that anymore?)



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