What is TweetCaster SmartLists?

There are many Twitter apps for reading your tweets. But none of them helps organize your Twitter stream into manageable categories. Rather, you are left with a mountain of information that you simply read through in chronological order. Friends are mixed in with work colleagues, news sources, and others. It can be challenging, even chaotic. That is, until now….

SmartLists makes TweetCaster the first Twitter app to help organize the chaos of reading your tweets. Simply click over to SmartLists to see how much better Twitter can be!

You can:

Organize: Organize people you follow into manageable groups (SmartLists)

Create: Create SmartLists to follow topics of interest

Copy/Edit:  Copy others’ lists and use “Make It my Own” to turn them into your own SmartLists.  You can customize by adding or subtracting members of the list.

Read: Read each list’s tweets, individually, merged together, or merged into your main timeline


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