How do I change settings in TweetCaster for Android? What kind of options are there?

Q. How do I change theme?

A. TweetCaster for Android has many different theme colors to choose from.

Select Menu --> Settings --> Display to access the Themes item. You will need to exit TweetCaster in order to apply a theme change, tap "OK" and when you relaunch, you will see your new theme.

Q.  Can I color code my Mentions and my own Tweets?

A. When using a non "bubbles" theme, you can customize the “Mentions Color” and “My Tweets Color.”

Select Menu --> Settings --> Display  then select “Mentions Color” or “My Tweets Color.”  Select your desired color from the color wheel and then click “OK.”  You can reset to default by selecting the “Reset” button.

Q. How do I change the Font Size?

A. Select Menu --> Settings --> Display  then select the Font Size menu item. You can drag the slider to adjust the font between 50 and 200%.

Q. How do I change the Auto-Refresh interval?

A. Select Menu --> Settings --> Tweets and you will see items for Auto-refresh and Refresh Interval.  Auto Refresh must be active to access Refresh Interval.

 When Auto Refresh is active, you can choose to have TweetCaster refresh at intervals ranging from 1 minute to 2 Hours.  Tip: Shorter refresh times will use more battery.

Q. How do I see notifications when TweetCaster is not open?

A. Select Menu -->  Settings to access the Notifications item. Here you can turn Background Notifications on or off and select whether to be notified on:

  • New Tweets
  • New Mentions
  • New DMs

You can also turn on notifications by Vibration, Sound, and Flashing LED and select a custom ringtone..  You must have Auto-Refresh active to access the Notifications menu item.


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