FriendCaster Released

What's New in

Added workaround for issue where some logins through OAUTH were not working correctly resulting in 404 errors.

5.3.3 updates included:

  • Added DashClock extension
  • Updated translations
  • Improved support for dialog actions with multiple accounts (fewer re-logins necessary)
  • Fixed bug where profile pictures would not load in news feed
  • Fixed sound not triggering for notifications
  • Fixed error in add friend dialog action
  • Fixed refresh button in some activities not working correctly
  • Clicking zipped post now shows post instead of zip it screen (behavior can be changed zip it settings)
  • When you zip a post, your list position is now retained
  • Improvements to notifications for getting repeats of the same notification
  • Fixed posting to groups, events, and pages if selected from favorites
  • When saving photos, the highest resolution available is now used
  • Added an action option to view photos in highest resolution
  • Improvements to trackball navigation throughout the app
  • Fixed bug where clicking notifications would not show the post in some situations


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