BaconReader 2.3.1 Released

·         Fixed hyperlinking to “/r/” subreddit mentions in comments and posts

·         Added new Subreddit widget to shortcut to preferred subreddit(s)

·         Added adjustable font sizes for redditor-contributed text

·         Can now “Star” a subreddit without subscribing to it, allowing a subreddit to appear at the top of the subreddit dropdown list, but not on the Front Page

·         Streamlined “r/bestof” stories navigation

·         Added ability to switch emoticons off, in subreddits such as mylittlepony and f7u12

·         Fixed the force close/involuntary collapse of self-text links

·         Bug fixes to “comment response” and “direct message” notifications

·         Bug fixes to input screens requiring “captcha.” 

·         Eliminated the presentation of stray information under the links in the Front Page


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