FriendCaster for Android released - enhancements and bug fixes

FriendCaster was released on August 1, 2011.  This update fixes the problems that were being reported with the filtering no longer working and the contacts database bloating.  This version also removes the Gmail refresh option since this capability is no longer supported by Gmail.

What's in this version:

  1. v3.10
  2. Contact Syncing
  3. News Feed Improvements
  4. Post Screen Improvements
  5. Removed Gmail Refresh (due to Gmail blocking all apps)
  6. New Look Inbox Thread List
  7. v3.10.2
  8. Fix Contact Sync using up lots of Internal Storage
  9. Fix News Feed Filters
  10. Widen Checkin Places Search
  11. v3.10.2.1
  12. Sync Friends Birthdays
  13. Fix News Feed Filters
  14. Enable Fast Scroll to News Feed List
  15. TIP: Press 'News Feed' in the title to jump to the top of the News Feed


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