Missing posts or friends in FriendCaster

We often see our FriendCaster users asking why they can't see certain users or posts in FriendCaster.

There are two main causes of this.

First, it is possible that some of your friends have set their privacy settings to block access to their profile, wall, photos and status updates from third party apps like FriendCaster.  

If you go to your Facebook account and select  Account -> Privacy Settings -> then select “Apps” on the left hand side of the page mid-way down on the App Settings area that brings up you’ll see an item entitled “Apps Others Use” you can see checkboxes for the items that are available to apps.  As an example, If your friend has “My photos” unchecked here, they won’t appear in FriendCaster.  If “Platform Apps” are turned off here, the account will be completely invisible to 3rd party apps like FriendCaster.

Unfortunately Facebook has this restriction in place and unless your friend allows third party apps we can't get around it at this time. If your friends are using that setting, the info will only appear on Facebook itself.

 Second, the Graph API that Facebook provides for us to provide information to your FriendCaster app doesn't provide Top News or Most Recent exactly as on Facebook, it's actually it's own feed that's probably most similar to most recent, but not exactly the same.  So some posts may not be in the same order or may not appear at the same time.


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